Shirana Shahbazi, Blumenstilleben, aus der Serie "Flowers, Fruits & Portraits, 2009

 © Sylvie Fleury, Mondrian dress rack, 1993/2016


The Swiss Art Market Association (SAMA) is the umbrella organisation of the four art trade associations (Gallerists’ Association, Association of Dealers in Antiques & Art, Auctioneers’ Association and Art Dealers’ Association). Its purpose is to safeguard the interests of art market participants in the trade vis-à-vis the authorities, associations, private individuals and the media. The SAMA is committed to a dialogue in politics and law that does not ignore the special features of the art market – it therefore takes an active role in shaping cultural legislation and policy. For the good of Switzerland as an intact art trading centre – also in the future.

Beyond the purely economic interests, it is important to the SAMA to emphasise the cultural significance of the work of the members of the individual associations. An intact art trade in all its facets is still the driving force for a vital cultural location in Switzerland: its expertise is central for the discovery and promotion of artists, for publicly accessible exhibitions and appearances at art fairs, for cooperations with museums and art spaces, for the issuing of publications, an exchange with collectors and finally for the care of estates and archives.


Board of Directors

Bernhard Bischoff
Swiss Fine Art & Antiques Auctioneers Association

Raphael Selig
Swiss Association of Dealers in Antiques & Art

Thomas Stauffer
Swiss Art Trading Association

Fabian Walter
Art Galleries Switzerland


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