Sylvie Fleury, Joy, 2019

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Support for the selection and use of digital tools on the seller’s side

The SAMA supports its members in their digital presence with the possibility of exhibiting artworks online and digitally in online viewing rooms, thus opening up new ways of communicating works. The rapid pace of digital development also offers further technological assistance: In important matters such as authentication/digital fingerprints or with regard to the determination of provenance, digital tools offer solutions for dealers and all other participants in the art market. The creation of condition reports is also possible with the help of a digital tool. The SAMA is in active exchange with various providers and has pre-screened and selected companies that offer suitable solutions as cooperation partners at preferential conditions for our members.

Support in the selection and use of digital tools on the buyer’s side

On the buyer’s side, a suitable and practical prevention of money laundering is an issue of great concern to the art trade. The problem is accentuated by the newly created sanctions law against Russian oligarchs. Here, too, the SAMA has evaluated a digital tool from a competent and reputable service provider that can decisively support the business activities of market participants based on blockchain technology. It is the declared goal of the SAMA to offer its members a solution in this area as well, in order to be able to maintain and further develop a business activity in the digital world. Serious self-regulation instead of an increasingly restrictive corset through little sector-specific state regulation is the motto of the hour.

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