Alexej von Jawlensky, «Frauenbildnis (Heilandsgesicht)». Um 1920 Öl auf Leinwandpapier. 36,2x27 cm, Darstellung

 © Alexej von Jawlensky, Frauenbildnis (Heilandsgesicht), um 1920

Digital Courier

The use of couriers to transport paintings and objects on loan for exhibitions can be described as the industry standard in the area of lending very high-priced works of art. In addition to the sometimes significant costs (economic justification), these travel activities are also increasingly criticised for ecological reasons in the new age of sustainability. The costly and often inefficient travel has also accelerated innovation in digital transport tracking in this area and strengthened the long-term trend.

The digital courier is an evaluated novel method of monitoring the transport of art and the handling of an object that relies on digital technologies such as decentralised condition reports, photo and video recording, or tracking devices. In this way, all stages of the sensitive art transport, packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, installation and de-installation, up to and including environmental factors can be monitored and tracked.

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