Sylvie Fleury, Joy, 2019

 © Alfred Sisley, Le barrage à Saint-Mammès, 1885

Presentation and Sales

The global pandemic has exposed the Achilles’ heel of the art market: the reliance on physical spaces and exhibitions to connect artworks and collectors. Virtual exhibitions in the form of two-dimensional online viewing rooms (OVRs) and three-dimensional walk-in showrooms have emerged as popular responses. Especially exhibition spaces and galleries based on virtual reality (VR) are becoming increasingly popular due to the design possibilities and realistic impressions. Here, too, the SAMA is following developments on behalf of its members.

A virtual exhibition space can help the gallery owner and dealer to reach a larger and above all international audience, to gain more recognition and new collectors. Compared to a traditional exhibition space, the time and cost investments of a virtual showroom are also much lower. Potential customers are given the opportunity to experience a portfolio held at their disposal easily and at any time online.

Until now, archives of collections have all too often been based on Excel lists and low-quality images. With the help of new digital tools, virtual exhibition spaces allow collectors to share their experience with their peers. Using easily accessible means, this also strengthens the emotional bond between artwork, collector and dealer, providing a powerful, supportive tool for the modern trade of art and collectibles.

If you are interested, you will find a list of partners and specialists pre-selected by the SAMA here. As a SAMA member, you will receive special preferential conditions with these partners and specialists selected by the SAMA.

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