Max Liebermann, «Die Blumenterrasse im Wannseegarten nach Norden». 1929, Öl auf Leinwand. 77,5x106 cm

 © Max Liebermann, «Die Blumenterrasse im Wannseegarten nach Norden». 1929, Öl auf Leinwand. 77,5×106 cm

Provenance & Authentication

Zug-based 4ARTechnologies AG has been using a combination of innovative technologies to make artworks more secure and traceable since 2018.

With the 4ART app, you can make any artwork unique, secure and ready for the digital age. Create the Swiss passport for artworks, combining the unique digital fingerprint with the immutable and automatically updated documentation and history of the artwork. Every piece of information added and every document created is immutably secured with a blockchain certificate, so that the provenance is traceable and credible even decades from now.

The special feature is the patented digital fingerprint. With a mobile device, such as a smartphone, you scan the microstructure of the artwork in just a few minutes, creating a unique fingerprint for verification beyond doubt. Ensure that the work purchased, whether in a gallery or on an online platform, is the original by authenticating the unique fingerprint in seconds.

Detailed provenance, including changes in location, transfers of ownership or title, condition reports and significant events are automatically recorded and additionally secured with the blockchain-based tamper-proof timestamp. The history of the artwork is always up to date and offers security and reliability like never before.

All registered personal information and documents relating to the artwork are guaranteed private. Sensitive provenance needs to be sent to a potential client? You want to show your works to your social media followers or generate a QR code and send it to the world? Access is granted or revoked at the touch of a button.

You can download the 4ART app free of charge for Android or iOS here.

The 4ARTechnologies team will be happy to advise you on how to best secure artworks for you and your clients.